Everybody worried about the increasing population and their significant side effect; Let’s take a look at the many easily-accessible methods to prevent a pregnancy at this world population day: condomsintrauterine devices, birth control pills, spermicides, vasectomy and tubectomy. Barring condoms, the rest are either chemical or invasive methods, which may come with their share of negative side effects. Spermicidal gels, one of the most popular contraception methods, contain an active ingredient known as nonoxynol-9 which is known to cause vaginal and rectal irritation. This can also increases chances of STDs and UTIs. A study conducted in 1999 concluded that spermicide use increased the risk of HIV infections.

That’s why we should turn to Ayurveda for safer and more effective options. Sceptics may scoff, thinking how the ancients had the knowledge of sophisticated techniques such as birth control methods. “The truth is that the natural contraceptive methods were used even during the Vedic age,”


“These natural spermicides are low-cost, free of side effects and non poisonous approaches for family planning,”

Neem: One of the most powerful herbs for preventing pregnancies is Neem. Known as nimba in Ayurveda, neem leaves and oil can both be used effectively for deterring pregnancy. Applying neem oil in the vagina before sexual intercourse. This will have a strong spermicidal effect for five hours. Research has also proven that neem oil destroys sperms cells completely barely after 30 seconds of contact.

“Neem wood is also used, since it works as a fumigant inside the vaginal canal. It produces antigens in the uterus to kill the sperm instantly, preventing it from fertilising the egg,”

Rock salt:  Applying a paste made of Saindhav namak or rock salt mixed with gingelly oil or til oil. Before coitus, this potent spermicidal paste can be placed inside the vaginal orifice to prevent pregnancy. The technique is safe and has no adverse effects on the female reproductive organs.

Datura root: Scientifically, datura plants, namely datura stramonium and datura metel, are known to have antifertility, spermicidal and antiovulatory and estrogenic activity. Using the powder of datura roots applied to the vaginal canal to reap its spermicidal benefits.

Turmeric: Also known by its Ayurvedic name haridra, turmeric is an old tried-and-tested remedy for preventing pregnancy. “Administering turmeric powder intra-vaginally reduces chances of fertilisation,”. A study conducted in 2011 also validates the claim long held by Ayurveda. Curcumin in the turmeric, when administered into the vaginal orifice, it caused a block in sperm mobility.


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