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Top 10 best Herbs to increase fertility

I am going to list here top 10 herbs that will help you to increase fertility and help you to pregnant fast. There is wonderful fertility herbs used from ancient time. The list includes fertility herbs for men and women. Choose the one based on your problem. When women using these fertility herbs, her period or menstrual cycle became regular and ovulation occurs properly, thus chance of getting pregnant faster.

Depend up the problem in male partner or female you may choose right herbs based on list provided below. If the infertility is related to male partner issue, use herbs to increase the sperm count and quality.  You can simply use these herbs, even if you are not trying to get pregnant, but for regulating periods and hormones for overall well being.

1. False Unicorn

increase fertility
                                   FALSE UNICORN

This is a root well known as female fertility booster. The herb can help regulate the functioning of ovaries. You should not take this after ovulation or stop once you get pregnant. The herb also believed to help relieve hormonal imbalance (balancing effect), infertility, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, spermatorrhea, threatened miscarraige, uterine prolapse etc.

2. Stinging Nettle

increase fertility

Stinging Nettle is one of the best fertility herb for men and also for women. In women  it tone and nourish the uterus. The herb promotes strengthening of the kidneys and adrenal glands. This herb preparing a woman’s body for pregnancy and also help for sustaining the embryo once conception occurs. You can take the herb as tea One, two, or even more cups per day. The tea is extremely high in Vitamin K and found to increase breast milk supply in mothers.

3. Red Clover

increase fertility
                                                                   PICS RED CLOVER

Red Clover is an excellent fertility herb with high amounts of calcium and magnesium.   This is one of the best herbs to help with fertility. This affects a woman’s ability to conceive by supporting the glandular system. This is an alkalizing herb which   balancing of the hormones needed for conception. With this herb use your uterus PH, goes a long way toward favoring conception. Take this as tea with peppermint.

4. Red Raspberry

increase fertility
                                                                     PICS RED RASPBERRY

Red Raspberry leaves are high in calcium. This is soothing uterine tonic and hence a very effective fertility herb. This is one of the popular herbs to promote fertility. Fertility promoting effects of this herb is found enhanced in combination with other herbs, particularly Red Clover. You can take this as tea along with Red Clover.  This herb lengthens the luteal phase of a menstrual cycle, thus enhancing the possibility of implantation. You have to discontinue use if you become pregnant.

5. Black Cohosh

increase fertility
                                                                               BLACK COHOSH

This herb is a well known antispasmodic that helps relieve menstrual cramps and may stimulate the ovaries. This is a top herb to boost fertility. While taking this,  remember to use this only during the first half of your menstrual cycle and stop after ovulation.

6. Asparagus

increase fertility


This is one among the best herb to increase fertility in women. Asparagus act as a wonder herb for improving fertility over forty.  Asparagus racehorses grown throughout India, traditionally used in Ayurveda. The root of this plant is used traditionally used as general female reproductive tonic and hormonal balance.

Asparagus also used to promote breast milk flow. The herb improves overall fertility with no toxic side effects reported with long term use. The Adaptogenic Actions Support Overall Stress Support and helpful with women who have stress related or immune-mediated fertility issues. This Supports Mucous Membranes and prevents threatened miscarriage.

7. Chaste Berry

increase fertility

This is called “female herb”. The herb is best for  regulating hormones and can safely used at any time in your cycle, but stop if you become pregnant. It stimulating and normalizing pituitary gland functions mainly progesterone. This regulates female sex hormones, dysmenorrheal,  ovulatory irregularity,  annovulation, amenorrhea, and premenstrual stress. This herb can increase progesterone and extend the luteal phase.

8. Evening Primrose Oil

increase fertility

Primrose Oil improves the condition of the cervix and creates a welcoming environment for the fertilized egg. This oil is high in omega-6 essential fatty acids. It works to increase cervical mucus and balance hormones. You should use it up until the moment of ovulation and it will increase fertility.

9. Dong Quai for increase fertility

increase fertility
                                                                                                             DONG QUAI

This is a famous Chinese herb that is used as a blood tonic. This features blood building properties (iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin E). The herb balances estrogen in the body and greatly regulate the menstrual cycle. This should not be taken during menstruation as it is a blood thinner. The herb also increases chances of implantation and increase fertility.

10. Wild Yam for increase fertility

increase fertility
                                                                      WILD YAM

This herb can increase progesterone production, so best for increase fertility. This is a great help for those with short luteal phase. The herb should only be taken after ovulation. If taken before it can actually prevent ovulation and prevent pregnancy. Even though scientifically not proved, this is one of the best fertility herbs for twins.

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