Madhumeha – Simple Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetic people are increasing in the world day by day. The condition is known by different names such as Asrava, Prameha, Madhumeha and Maharogya.This is a silent killer; it is attacking the young generation secretly that increases the burden on the people as well as the government. Two things are common these days- Side effects and Insulin resistance among the people who are taking modern medicines for diabetes treatment. It leads to searching of alternative system of medicine where Ayurveda has greater application and importance. Ayurveda treats diabetes through drugs, diet, panchakarma and exercise. mesothelioma survival rates

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The management technique for diabetes in Ayurveda is as follows: mesothelioma survival rates

  • Exercise (Vyaayam)
  • Dietary regulation (Pathya)
  • Panchakarma (bio-purification procedures)
  • Medicines (Awashadhi)

Ayurvedic food for diabetes

As per ayurvedic lifestyle, following types of food may be taken and permitted by diabetes patient.  These wholesome foods are bitter gourd, amla, snake gourd, turmeric, drum stick, barley, wheat, green gram, horse gram, pepper, garlic, blue berry, soyabean, cucumber, spinach, fenugreek seeds, jamun, bel, tulsi etc. mesothelioma survival rates

Home Remedies for diabetes

  1. Ground bay leaf & Aloe Vera: The mixture of ground bay leaf (1/2 tbsp), turmeric (1/2 tbsp) and aloe vera gel (1 tbsp) if taken twice a day before lunch and dinner, is helpful to control sugar in blood thus effective for the problem.
  2. Bitter Gourd Juice:  Juice of Bitter melon/Karela (30 ml) may be taken on empty stomach daily in the early morning. Simple recipes of it can also be consumed. It is considered as one the best remedies for diabetes.  mesothelioma survival rates


               How to prepare:
  • Crush the bitter melon into a grinder after separating its seeds. Little bit of water may also be added. Sieve this to have juice.
  • Cut the bitter melon into small and thin pieces. Put small quantity of mustard oil and salt as required into the fry pan. Heat the ingredients along with onion and green chili for about 10-15 minutes. mesothelioma survival rates

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  1. Methi Seeds:  Fenugreek seeds or its combination with ayurvedic herbs are useful remedy to lessen the signs and symptoms of diabetes.

               How to prepare:
  • Grind seeds of Methi (100 gm) and turmeric (25gm) are taken along with a glass of milk twice a day.
  • Soaked fenugreek seeds in warm water overnight followed by chewing it in the morning.
  • Soak 4tbsp of the seeds in 300 ml water overnight. Crush them in the morning and strain the mixture. Drink it daily for 3 months.
  • Chapattis are also prepared by adding methi powder.
  1. Jamun Seeds: The seed powder of Eugenia jambolana (1 tsp) twice a day along with lukewarm water is good in curing of it. The chewing of Jamun leaves prevents the conversion of starch into sugar. private cloud
  2. Snake gourd: Decoction of equal part of Patola (a variety of small cucumber-snake gourd), Neem, fruit of embolic myrobalan and stem of Guduct (14 to 28 ml.) be taken thrice a day. mesothelioma lawyer
  3. Aamla: The juice of Amla (Embelica officinalis) (20 ml) twice a day is good for diabetic patient. The powder of Amla fruit may also be taken twice a day. private cloud


  1. Banyan tree bark: The decoction of the bark of ficus bengalensis is consumed (50 ml) twice a day. Preparation method: 20 gm of ficus bark is heated in 4 glass of water. When the mixture remained approx. of 1 glass, it may be taken after make it cold.

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  1. Cinnamon powder: This is one of the important natural home remedies. How to prepare: First take one litre of drinkable water. Add 3-4 tbsp of cinnamon powder and heat it for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and made it cool. Drink it every day. private cloud
  2. Vijaysar Churna: Pterocarpus marsupium is helpful in curing of diabetes mellitus:
               How to use:
  • Pterocarpus marsupium bark may be taken in the form of powder twice a day. private cloud
  • The cube of vijaysar may be kept in water overnight. Drink it in the morning empty stomach.
  • Patients also like to take cubes of vijaysar. private cloud
  1. Triphala: Triphala along with other ingredients are useful in lowering the sugar levels in blood.

 How to use:

  • The decoction of equal parts of Triphala, root of barberry, colocynth and moth (20ml) may be taken along with turmeric powder (4gm) twice a day. private cloud